Looking to give a meaningful gift that will bring more long-term benefits than the latest gadget?

Did you know 4 in 5 young Australians would like to receive the gift of time with a financial planner? A financial plan created by a professional financial planner is the gift that will keep on giving well beyond the occasion. By giving the gift of a time with a financial planner to create a plan, your gift recipient will sleep well at night, knowing their finances are in order, debts are being managed, and they have a path forward to achieving their money and life goals.

Create a personalised gift voucher

Download the gift voucher template

Personalise it with your recipient’s name, amount of money and your name. Then email the gift voucher to your recipient, or print and give.

The voucher acts like an IOU. You’ll need to arrange payment or money transfer directly with your gift recipient.

Source: Money & Life

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